Note to Readers

This post also gets picked up by myITforum and published there. It started off with CM12 lab building issues and has morphed into covering CM12 in general.

SCEP Posts

Well, once again, I'm breaking my own rule about reposting other blogs and 2 days in a row, nonetheless. But It's good stuff from Jason Githens at Microsoft.

Here are three new SCEP/SUM blogs I just posted today.

And here are the others published (somewhat) recently:

  • Product Documentation. Published product documentation on Technet.
  • How-to-Videos. A series of 5-10 minute video walkthroughs I've done for all facets of the Endpoint Protection feature.
  • Blogs. These are primarily built on the theme of management+security, highlighting the better-together story of ConfgMgr and Endpoint Protection. Currently I only have one posted here, on building custom reports for Endpoint Protection, but I'm working on several others that I hope to have published over the next 3-4 weeks, and they can all be found at the provided link. Check back frequently.