March 2012 Meeting Notes

If you missed last night's meeting, you missed one of the best of the year. Thanks again to OpenDNS for the pizza!

Jarvis Davis, CDW, showed us how he simplified the hierarchy of a defense contractor from many hundreds of servers to just 1 primary site with CM12. Jarvis is a natural at group speaking and it was good to hear him again.

Kent Agerlund, Coretech, ConfigMgr MVP, gave us an hour of CM12 SUM tricks. He also answered questions brought up before his session and integrated them into his slides. Good questions and answers all around. Kent just emailed me about the slides:

The slides can be downloaded here - the two reports that I created (they are not finalized I just created the first drafts yesterday)

We look forward to having Kent back this year. But since we owe him one and he expressed interest, we're thinking of having another SQL session from #2 in June when he returns.

We also have the May meeting tentatively moved to Thursday, May 17th and will try to start working in some Thursday sessions as some of our group members just can't make Wednesday night sessions.