Note to Readers

For now, I'm using this space so I can always go back and figure out how I made my lab. The search engines will also scan it and maybe someone will pick up a clue to one of the obsticles I had to overcome. These posts also show how I just sort of wing things in the lab. It's part learning and part having fun. And in the end, this might help me to document the lab. Should I have something else to post of interest, I might do it here, but really that's what myITforum is for.

SCEP Posts

Well, once again, I'm breaking my own rule about reposting other blogs and 2 days in a row, nonetheless. But It's good stuff from Jason Githens at Microsoft.

Here are three new SCEP/SUM blogs I just posted today.

And here are the others published (somewhat) recently:

  • Product Documentation. Published product documentation on Technet.
  • How-to-Videos. A series of 5-10 minute video walkthroughs I've done for all facets of the Endpoint Protection feature.
  • Blogs. These are primarily built on the theme of management+security, highlighting the better-together story of ConfgMgr and Endpoint Protection. Currently I only have one posted here, on building custom reports for Endpoint Protection, but I'm working on several others that I hope to have published over the next 3-4 weeks, and they can all be found at the provided link. Check back frequently.