December 2015 Meeting Notes

MMS Recap

  • Great to be around the community of System Center people
  • It's what MMS used to be
  • Like the break out sessions after the main session - very interactive
  • Liked the openness of the speakers. Since there is no recording, etc., it seems that experts were more forthcoming
  • After parties were great
  • Birds of a Feather - the one on one was very enjoyable
  • Perhaps a brown bag session

MMS Suggestions

  • More tables [where?]
  • Sunday preconference - some of it was repeated in the main conference [we can only do so much there but we'll try harder]
  • Publish the 'who's who' of people that are attending or presenting. (Microsoft product group, etc.) [Featured speaker list should do this]
  • Ask the Experts - include not only MVP's but product group people (example: EMS)
  • Present on the SCCM App Model
  • Perhaps some level 100 or 200 sessions
  • more DEVOPS
  • Case study session
  • End to End real world
  • ITSM sessions
  • Soft skills?
  • Effective communication
  • Effective leadership
  • ITIL?
  • Process?

Find out how to download all the sessions - PowerShell script
Um, MMS 2016 is almost here!

Golden Nugget gained

  • Perhaps NO level 200 or 100 sessions
  • Windows 10 service
  • OMS
  • Server 2016 will allow VM's inside of a VM
  • Virtual TPM
  • SMA
  • How other companies apply technology
  • Michael Nystrom - storage spaces on Server 2016
  • SCCM do's and don'ts

Sponsor: Flexera
Application management using best practices of services management
AdminStudio Suite - Package management. Push applications directly to SCCM
Workflow Manager - SLA and application lifecycle - tie into SCSM or other Service Management platforms
AdminStudio - inventory and rationalization of software
App Portal - End user self service application, imaging, hardware, etc. Licensing.

Windows 10 - Nash
PSA: IE 11 and below are EOL in Jan
.Net < 4.5.2
Install KB2775511 - you can import this into WSUS and then SCCM will recognize it the next time it syncs.
Install Windows Management Framework 4

Updates - push out recommended updates. Not just Critical and Security. Microsoft tests their updates on machines that are fully patched.

Nash said 'writted' instead of 'wrote'

MNSCUG January Meeting - The SCU Simulcast

We are NOT meeting at Microsoft, Edina as they are full that day. Instead, we're meeting at ITT Tech in Eden Prairie.  It is System Center Universe time again!  We will be telecasting this great event all day.  In previous years this event has been stellar so I expect this year will be no different.  The lineup looks amazing.

That food and drink (coffee) will be provided by local heros and long time supporters of MNSCUG, Now Micro.

Please register by clicking on the image below so that we can properly guess the right amount of food and drink for the day.

SCU 2016

February 2016 MNSCUG Meeting

Our next user group meeting will be Wednesday, February 17, 2016 from 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM at Microsoft's Edina HQ building - 6th Floor, Lake of the Woods room.  Please register in advance so we can get a proper count for food and drink. 


February will be a joint meeting between our PowerShell Automation user group and MNSCUG! Adam Bertram will be presenting on his Software Install Manger PowerShell module.  A little introduction from Adam:


"PowerShell: A Software Deployment Admin's Little Helper"


When you're given a piece of software to deploy, is it always just as simple as tacking on a quiet switch to a MSI? It never needs any kind of extra "help", right? Every piece of software just works 100% of the time and requires minimal registry changes, file copies, whatever in addition to the actual install. Yea, I didn't think so. In my 5 years as a SCCM admin, I deployed hundreds of different types of software and some installers made you wanna pull your hair out. This is why I developed a PowerShell module called SoftwareInstallManager. In this presentation, I will show you how I was able to go from hours of manually fixing broken deployments to a simple Install-Software function (along with dozens of other functions) to provide a standard method of executing installs across your clients."


The meeting will be sponsored by Microsoft!



Registration is free to the public, but please be sure to sign-up if you are attending so we can ensure everyone has enough food and drink.



Eventbrite - February 2014 MNSCUG Meeting



See you there!

Board Meeting 2016 Minutes

December 10th 2015
Attendance - Matthew Teegarden, Steve Jesok, Fred Bainbridge, Brian Mason, Joe Kaster, Terence Kolstad, Manoj Shah, Nash Pherson

2015 Year End

  • Great year, great feedback
  • Brought in sponsors

2016 - Renew sponsors - Some sort of CRM system would be useful
Use QuickBooks for Sponsorship stuff once we get on QB in 2016

2016 Topics:

  • OSD day was great. For sure we'll do another!
  • OPSMGR all day was great
  • Seems like the MNSCUG audience wants more SCOM
  • Move the May meeting to Monday and Friday and be ready to cancel it for MMS
  • Matthew will be sure to confirm with Brian regarding April all-day

2016 Speakers we'd like to see:

  • Jason Sandys
  • Deployment bunny - Mikael Nystrom
  • Kevin Holman / Cameron Fuller
  • Kent Agerlumd
  • Peter Daalmans
  • Don Jones
  • Greg Ramsey - also sponsor - Brian can ask Warren if Greg comes

2016 Sponsors:

  • Goal renew all 2015
  • AppSense?
  • Cyberadvisors has committed to 2016 for 1 food sponsorship
  • Maximum of 2 gold sponsors per year


  • Election Process - needs more definition
  • Create Election Process Procedure
  • Process for how we are going to handle the elections
  • General members recommend
  • VP and the Pres in two separate elections
  • Board of Directors not mentioned during elections
  • Current board of directors will make the final decision for all positions

Bylaws are agreed upon
Quarterly Board Meetings

  • These happen before or during scheduled MNSCUG meetings
  • If this can't happen we will need to provide 2 weeks in advance

Certify Officers:

  • President - Fred
  • Vice President - Joe
  • Treasurer - Nash
  • Secretary - Brian Mason
  • Board - passed


Annual Budget Proposal - not including MMS - In January the board will be reviewing the books and a finance policy will be defined

  • 2014 and 2015 are in the black
  • In January a financial statement will be made available
  • Budget items need to be defined
  • Expense report process will be defined in January

Addendum - 12/15/2015
Motioned for the 2016 board to be as follows -
Making the 2016 board:


1. Fred Bainbridge - President
2. Joe Kaster - Vice President
3. Brian Mason - Secretary
4. Nash Pherson - Treasurer
5. Matthew Teegarden
6. Steve Jesok
7. Terence Kolstad
8. Steve Buchanan
9. Manoj Shah
10. Tim Benjamin
11. Joey Gleason
12. Ryan Ephgrave


Voted via email -
6 votes in favor, 1 abstentia (no) motion passes.
Board members able to vote (2015 members)
Fred, Matthew, Brian, Nash, Steve J, Steve B, Joey

MNSCUG October 2015 Meeting Notes

Here are the notes from our October meeting.  Better late than never!

The attendees held elections for officer positions and Fred Bainbridge was reelected as president and Joe Kaster was elected as Vice President.  Congratulations Joe and Fred, thank you for help and support.  Thank you to our sponsor Squadra Technologies as well.   

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