January 2015 Meeting Notes

Fred took notes:

For first meeting of 2015 we had a surprise visit from the original MNSCUG founder, Tim Benjamin. Since founding the user group over a decade ago he has since gone on to become a Data Center Technical Specialist with Microsoft. He addressed the group for about an hour giving us some entertaining MNSCUG history as well as his take on the industry at large. Lots of insightful information was shared with the group. It was a nice surprise to have him in attendance and for him to take time to answer questions from the crowd. He also had some really thought provoking questions and challenges for the group relating to cloud adoption, security and mobile device management.

I believe we will be seeing more of Tim this year and that is a good thing.

The rest of the meeting was a classic round table. There were a lot of topics discussed covering a very wide range of topics. ConfigMgr daily tasks, MBAM, Build and Capture, Mobile Management... and on and on. And of course we talked about Java and how much everyone loves it.

By the way, few of you filled out the survey and so far the results lean heavily toward CM and OSD. All other subjects were off the charts low. If you haven't filled out the survey, you still can here.

Feb 2015 Meeting: SCU

This month's meeting is sponsored by local favorites and newest 2015 Bronze sponsor NowMicro!  NowMicro is the premier IT provider of cutting-edge technology products, solutions, and services.  They will be showing off the Enterprise edition of the Right Click Tools.  Lunch will be provided as well as refreshments (adult or otherwise)! Thank you NowMicro! 


Please note:  You must register for this event using the Eventbrite link below.  Anyone not registered will not be able to partake in food or drink without harassment.


Coffee and doughnuts will be provided in the morning by the MN System Center Users group.  


Lunch and afternoon refreshments will be provided by NowMico


This is all day event on Feb 4th!  (9am - 5pm) See detailed information below.  We will be voting on what tracks\session we want to view! 





One Day. One Universe. One Cosmic Event. Back for its FOURTH year, it's SCU 2015!

Join us for this globally-available interactive experience spanning 6 continents. This year, SCU will feature TWO FULL breakout tracks, allowing for more speakers, content and subject matter deep dives. Hear from an all-star cast of presenters including Microsoft technical visionaries and MVPs while interacting with worldwide user group communities such as myITforum during the live event. At SCU 2015, you will gain insider knowledge around System Center, Microsoft Azure, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Windows Server and more!!

Post event, continue your worldwide engagement with SCU-sponsored communities and user groups as well as SCU Network broadcasts. Don't miss your chance to get in on the action! View the live simulcast and engage in the conversation. Lunch and beverages will be provided for all attendees, thank you NowMicro!

Brad Anderson | Wally Mead | Anders Bengtsson | Cameron Fuller (MVP) | Dieter Wijckmans (MVP) | Jason Sandys (MVP) | Johan Arwidmark (MVP) | John Savill (MVP) | Kent Agerlund (MVP) | Kirk Munro (MVP) | Maarten Goet (MVP) | Matt Hester | Marc van Eijk (MVP) | Pete Zerger (MVP) | Roman Yuferev | Symon Perriman | Travis Wright (MVP)

MNSCUG: we will simulcast at the MTC (MS HQ in Edina) and we'll simply vote on which session to view each hour.>

Please note:  You must register for this event using the Eventbrite link below.  Anyone not registered will not be able to partake in food or drink. 

Eventbrite - February 2015 MNSCUG Meeting

ConfigMgr 2012 OSD Notes

Attached is the slide deck and the refreshMP script that I referenced during the OSD presentation at the October MNSCUG meeting.  This script should be copied the device early in the task sequence and then run after every reboot via run command line and a static path to the vbs file.  This will help avoid problems where the device can't contact the MP/DP after a reboot.  Be aware, an application/package installation that returns a 3010 will reboot the task sequence unless you define it not to in the package/application itself.  Know were your reboots are happening so you can run this script after each reboot.  

Rumor has it if the configuration manager client has the CU2 update installed this reboot issue is a non issue.  Give it a shot and let me know.

Take aways from the presentation - 

  • Know your application exit codes
  • Be prepared to break down the app model if it has reboots
  • Application Model works fine with OSD.
  • Configure appropriate task sequence variables for your environment.
  • Make sure your problems are not external to ConfigMgr.  Networking issues perhaps?
  • Get statistical significance with your builds.  1 successful build is useless.  10 in a row is a good start.

Here are good references for building your OSD Task Sequence - 



I can be reached @FredBainbridge.  Thanks!

OSD Presentation Slidedeck

RefreshDefaultMP Script

October 2014 Meeting Notes

Mikael Nystrom made a last minute arrival to Minnesota and so we had a December meeting.  The attendance was outstanding.  Thank you to Coretech for food and drink.  Thanks to Nash Pherson for closing the night out with some server OSD.  (Sorry I missed it so no notes)

Anyone wanting a trial of the Coretech Dashboard can simply email Dashboard at coretech.dk and request it.

Windows 10 Notes –

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