February 2018 MNSCUG Meeting

The February 2018 Minnesota System Center User Group meeting will be:

Thursday, February 15th, 4:30pm to 7:15pm at the MTC in Edina 3601 W 76th St #600, Minneapolis, MN 55435

Everyone's talking about moving to the cloud. But in order to manage a cloud environment you have to rethink everything. Microsoft has the tools to do this with Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS).

Maybe you listened to Brad Anderson talking about the importance of creating an environment that is "loved by users and trusted by IT" in his keynote at Ignite 2017. You may have even seen his comprehensive video and blog on EMS. But you still have questions.

Or maybe you have simply enjoyed watching episodes of "Brad Anderson's Lunch Break" especially this one from Ignite 2017. (Keep an eye out, you may see one or two ConfigMan community members that you follow talking to Brad in this video). Many of the Microsoft products and teams that we interact with at Microsoft fall under Brad Anderson's management umbrella, including Configuration Manager.

For this reason we are truly honored to have Brad Anderson via Skype at our February 2018 MNSCUG meeting to discuss and answer your questions about Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS).  Like MMS, we're allowing for a ton of Q&A!

Brad Anderson Corporate Vice President of Enterprise Cloud and Mobilit

Brad Anderson

Corporate Vice President of Enterprise Cloud and Mobility

Brad Anderson is the Corporate Vice President of the Enterprise Client & Mobility (ECM) team. This organization is focused on supporting a modern workforce that operates in a world of continuously connected devices. The ECM team is a key pillar of Microsoft’s Mobile-First, Cloud-First focus. As a part of this organization’s ambitious charter, Brad leads the effort to enable enterprises to be productive on the devices they love, while keeping the company secure. A major part of the organization’s function is to innovate and create the solutions that deliver a rich and consistent set of experience for users across all the devices they use.


A special thanks to CyberAdvisors for sponsoring and providing food & drinks!




January 2018 MNSCUG Meeting

The January 2018 Minnesota System Center User Group meeting will be Wednesday, January 17th from 9:00am to 3pm at the MTC in Edina. 3601 W 76th St #600, Minneapolis, MN 55435

Microsoft Premier Field Engineers have seen it all. They are on the front lines working with organizations to implement systems and troubleshoot problems. Join us in January for an extended day of content from two of these PFEs. Welcome back Steve Rachui, a frequent presenter and friend of the user group along with Danny Guillory, another skilled PFE, presenting with us for the first time. They will cover Configuration Manager topics such as Secure Communication, Client Health, Server Groups, and Data Warehouse along with a discussion oriented session on Common Mistakes, Challenges, and Problems they see in many environments. We hope to see you there.



Thanks to Andy Kreienkamp for taking notes!

Top two reasons businesses have adopted windows 10 quickly:

  1. Security
  2. Recruiting younger employees, actually it was hardware (not finding old stuff for Win7).

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